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Hundreds of Drivers Out-Of-Service After 2017 Roadcheck

by Anna Mischke | Aug 11, 2017

Driver News 081017In Texas alone, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck pulled 1,938- or 23.6 percent- of commercial vehicles and buses off the road. From June 6th through the 8th, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) inspected 8,182 commercial vehicles. Brake issues proved to be the most prevalent violation, according to the department, with faulty vehicle lighting contributing to the out-of-service orders.

The DPS issued 1,994 citations and 22,346 warnings over the three day blitz. These numbers may reflect what truckers in other areas of the country experienced during the roadcheck as well. Some of the busiest highways in the nation are in Texas, and last year 22.5 percent of inspected vehicles were displaced during the Roadcheck while inspectors nationwide ordered 21.5 percent of inspected vehicles out-of-service.

Hours-of-service violations, false logs, and improper endorsement led to 225 (3.4 percent) drivers being placed out-of-service for non-compliance with federal and state laws.


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  3. Jeff | Aug 14, 2017
    After reviewing the precentage of tickets by region the South East and South Central states had the highest number of violations. The North Central region had the least the North West followed in second and the North East was third. 
  4. Fellow driver. | Aug 14, 2017
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