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What Are The Benefits Of Being A Truck Driver?

by User Not Found | Mar 24, 2017

03.23.17_BenefitsToDrivingWhen you are choosing a career you have a lot of factors to consider. You might consider the working environment, the location, the pay, the longevity, your work ethic, and the fringe benefits. Based on these factors, is truck driving possibly the right choice for you? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucking employment will growat about a 5% rate from 2014 to 2024. Here are some more job benefits of being a truck driver: 

1. Open Road Life and New Scenery 
Being a trucker means getting paid to travel whether you are working as an OTR or LTL. Every day is a change of scenery, and you get to enjoy the outdoors. Research showsthat nature-based workplaces lead to stress reduction, lessening of depression, less of a need for medications, and faster healing times. In addition to the open road, truck driving also means different views every day with your different routes. If cramped offices and crowded factories do not sound appealing, trucking may be for you. 

2. Earnings can be Better than College Graduates with Student Loan debt 
The median annual wage for a trucker is $36,200, with an average CDL training cost of $1000-$7000. The average starting salary for college graduates with a Bachelor’s degree is $48,127, with an average student loan deb of $34,800. In addition to the costs and salaries, truckers typically start working in 4-6 weeks, whereas completing a Bachelor’s degree could take 4 or more years. 

3. Benefits 
If having medical benefits is important to you, consider trucking. Industry wide, 72% of truckers have medical, 46% have vision, and 57% have dental. 

4. Bonus Pay 
Dependent on the company, truckers can also earn bonuses for: 

  • Maintaining a certain fuel economy 
  • Taking more difficult loads 
  • Driving the most miles in a quarter 
  • Safety records 
  • Seniority  
  • Health and wellness tests 


5. Flexible Schedule and Control  
As a truck driver you have more control over your schedule than a person who works 9 to 5. You can also have the choice of which kind of loads you want to take. If you want to do various types to increase your experience, you have that option. Or if you want to go with the one that offers most pay and least aggravation. The more experienced you become, the more prepared you will be to make these choices and more. 

5. Job Security 
Trucking isn’t going away anytime soon because of its specialty. Moving freight by truck is cheaper and faster than by rail, trucking cannot be outsourced to another country, and despite rising fuel costs the trucking industry will not be affected because those costs are passed on to the consumer. 


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    If you work as a driver in Australia then this blog is for you. Was a great blog to read was very informative and helpful if this tips are followed it can save your life. Thank you...
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    I can say this is the perfect blog for everybody who read and post here everyday.
  5. jane Ambrose | Jul 03, 2017
    One of my best friend's husband is a truck driver, and I was wondering what the benefits of the job are beside having a decently flexible schedule. Before reading this I had no idea that nature-based work can lead to less stress. It is so true that the work field of trucking is going to stick around for a while because trucks are needed for so many things. Thank you for the information on the benefits of becoming a truck driver!
  6. Scott adams | Jun 22, 2017
    I had no idea that most truckers had medical benefits. I have been thinking about becoming a truck driver, but I wasn't sure if there was health insurance. It is really good to know that 72% of truckers have medical. I'll keep that in mind when making a decision! 

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