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Focusing on Success with Joanne Vaifale

by Charlotte Freed | Apr 26, 2019

Joanne VaifaleRecruiting in the transportation industry is hectic. Competition for quality drivers is fiercer than ever, and failure to stay focused and organized can cause a company to miss out on a fantastic hire. Luckily for Centerline, that isn’t the case. Joanne Vaifale, an 8 year veteran in the transportation industry, understands that focus is what will allow her to successfully juggle tasks to help both customers and drivers.

Vaifale wears many hats at Centerline. From helping with recruiting for Centerline’s Mobile Driver Division to assisting with national and dedicated accounts, Vaifale does it all. It’s not uncommon to see her moving from a phone interview with a driver to training a fellow recruiter within the hour. Moving quickly from task to task requires Vaifale to battle distractions. The biggest challenge for her: completing a task she was working on prior to a phone call.

To keep her on task, Joanne creates an ongoing checklist divided into two sections: tasks and detailed notes. An item isn’t crossed off the list until it is completed. If not completed that day, she moves it to the next day’s list. Vaifale explains, “It’s important to maintain focus because anyone in my role can fall behind.” She stresses the importance of prioritization and communication to stay on track.

Vaifale understands that her attention to detail and ability to multitask is what has helped her grow in her 8 years with Centerline. She summed up the importance of focus with a final piece of advice: “If you’re focused and proactive, then you will be successful and trusted by your team, peers and leadership. This will allow you to take on more responsibilities.”

Centerline applauds Vaifale’s effort and commitment to staying focused on putting our drivers and customers first.

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