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Limiting Distracted Driving at 3 Levels

by Charlotte Freed | Apr 19, 2019

Distracted DrivingDistractions are everywhere. Whether adjusting the radio or sending a text, taking one’s eyes off the road for a just a few seconds can have disastrous consequences. Distracted driving accounts for 10% of all driving fatalities, and while conversations are often centered on how drivers can limit distractions, it is important to remember safety is a company wide effort. 

Companies can make an impact on distracted driving at various levels by teaching and empowering drivers to make better decisions along their routes.

Level 1: The Individual

Drivers need to have self-discipline when it comes to limiting distractions. Self-discipline is not created overnight, but can become a habit with the help of fleet managers and supervisors. Encourage drivers to map out their routes. Knowing when and where to stop for food or for mandated rests will help drivers resist the urge to use electronic devices to find stops along their routes.

Level 2: The Organization

Self-discipline and habits can take a long time to develop. To make changes quickly, organizations can implement rules and policies that, when broken, result in consequences for engaging in distracting behavior. Easy to implement rules include, keeping cell phones out of the cab.

Level 3: Peers

Once rules and policies are in place, organizations can foster a peer-to-peer police mentality. Organizations should encourage drivers to talk to their team members if they are breaking with company policy. One driver engaging in distracted driving puts every driver at risk.

By teaching drivers the dangers of distracted driving, and putting policies in place to prevent distracted driving, fleets can help make an impact on one of the industry’s biggest concerns.

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