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The Leading Ladies of Centerline's Service Center

by Charlotte Freed | Mar 29, 2019
Jeanine Suarez and Regina Frank

While leaders come in different shapes and size, all have one thing in common: they can rally their troops to achieve the unthinkable. To do this, leaders must be committed and hardworking, enabling them to earn the trust and respect of their teammates. At Centerline, Service Manager Jeanie Suarez and Regional Service Manager Regina Frank are two leaders who are inspiring women to lead in the transportation industry.

Both Suarez and Frank entered transportation knowing that the industry was heavily dominated by men. However, it never mattered to either of them. Both Suarez and Frank believe that in transportation, as long as you’re able to do the job and rise above the challenges, you will succeed. Suarez further explains, “I believe everyone has something to prove in any career.”

With over thirty years of combined experience in transportation, both women are happy to see women starting careers in the industry. Frank notes that women have made great strides in transportation, with more women drivers, terminal managers, and upper level managers. As leaders, both were willing to offer advice to those just starting their careers: don’t be intimidated, speak confidently and stay true to yourself. Frank further explained that she wishes more women would take up the challenge of working in the industry, as it’s “a challenging, fun and exciting world.” 

Centerline is lucky to have a team full of talented individuals – individuals who are willing to go above and beyond for their customers and drivers. Regina and Jeanine are two of these individuals, and we’re lucky that they are inspiring the next generation of women transportation leaders at Centerline.

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