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Don’t Compromise Qualifications for Drivers

by Charlotte Freed | Mar 15, 2019

Benefits for driversWith freight booming and drivers becoming harder to find, many companies are willing to hire anyone with a CDL to fill open positions. This strategy may put people in the driver’s seat, but may also be generating high turnover which effects your operation and bottom line.

While it may be difficult to consider waiting to hire the right driver, hiring strategically can help you find a driver who is not only qualified to do the job, but fits into your company’s culture. A driver who is the right fit based on your company’s culture and values will be less willing to quit when they learn of a better sign-on bonus later that month.

To help attract and hire the right driver, be specific in your job requirements. Note any endorsements a driver may need and have those conversations up front with the driver after an application is submitted. After a driver is hired, it’s important to make sure they are the right fit for your company. This is hard to determine during the recruitment process. Instead, think long and hard about your onboarding process. Is it just a day? Or is it a week on the road with a veteran driver? A longer onboarding process may take longer to get a new hire operational, but may help you and the driver determine if the job is truly a good fit.

Making these changes can take time. One solution is to use a recruiting partner like Centerline. A recruiting partner has the resources and technology to find qualified drivers faster. When working with a recruiting partner, or with a fleet management provider, provide the following information to help find the most qualified drivers:

  • An overview of your company’s values
  • A detailed job description, including any endorsements a driver may need
  • An explanation of what the onboarding process looks like
  • A description of who your ideal driver is, including prior experience

Taking a more strategic approach to hiring drivers may take longer, but finding qualified drivers based on your company’s specific needs will help reduce turnover rates, resulting in more efficient operations.

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