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ETAs and Driver Expectations

by Charlotte Freed | Mar 08, 2019

on-time deliveriesIn trucking, customer service is often measured by on-time and late deliveries. In fact, 42% of private fleets use delivery accuracy as their main metric. As on-time deliveries become more and more important, drivers are feeling pressured to complete their routes with as little disruption as possible. This pressure can cause turnover within a fleet.

Below we’ve outlined tips to help alleviate pressure and help prevent driver turnover.

Guaranteed Windows

Today, customers not only expect a delivery date, but a delivery time as well. Providing a guaranteed delivery window meets the request of the customer while providing leeway for the driver. This window should help account for delays at previous stops, putting less stress on the driver.

Load Size

E-commerce and same-day deliveries are on the rise, and carriers are feeling the pressure to fill trailers to the brim. Use data on traffic and route information, such as day of the week and time. This information will help you determine if a driver can make 50 deliveries or 10 deliveries on a route. Drivers will appreciate a reasonable load.


Today, technology allows dispatchers and drivers to work together to optimize routes. Dispatchers can watch maps alerting drivers of delays ahead, and drivers can report back in with real time information. Investing in this technology not only helps fleets plan routes, but makes drivers feel empowered.

A fleet plays an important part in determining the customer service of a company. Drivers are the face of fleet. By keeping drivers needs in mind, fleets can reduce driver turnover and minimize disruptions to their operations.

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