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Staff Shoutout: Success in the “Show Me State”

by Charlotte Freed | Mar 01, 2019

Centerline St. LouisWelcome to the “Show Me State,” home to one of Centerline’s newest locations. In St. Louis, Recruiting Manager Breanna Metzger and Account Manager Laura Nienhaus are making a name for themselves, taking Centerline from underdog to superstars.

Breanna and Laura have been battling their lack of reputation since day 1 – they are the unknown. They both agree that their lack of reputation has been the most challenging part of their business. Whether it’s getting an opportunity to present Centerline’s offerings to a new company or recruit top talent, they’re battling established competitors, having to build exceptional relationships based on trust from the ground up.

While being the underdog has been challenging, the team agrees it has also been the most rewarding part of working for Centerline. The team truly believes in the Centerline values, and have appreciated building their brand. And they’re building this brand together. “We include each other in every part of our process. We feel the client and drivers know they have our full commitment,” explains Laura. To build strong partnerships, the team focuses on actions, not just words. Open communication and a hands on approach have helped build trust. This trust has built and will continue to build success.

When companies in the area ask our St. Louis team to show them why Centerline is the best in the business, we’re proud to have Breanna and Laura on our team. 

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