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2 Ways Your Company Make a Positive Impact on the Driver Shortage

by Charlotte Freed | Feb 08, 2019

Truck driver with hands on the wheelTwo conversations that are always top of mind in the transportation industry are the driver shortage and the perception of the driving profession. It’s not surprising that these two issues go hand in hand. For years, driving has been a thankless profession, and now companies are feeling the impact as they struggle to find drivers to move their products.

Businesses can help improve the perception of the industry, and attract more qualified individuals to the driving profession in two ways:

Follow the Rules

Organizations like the FMCSA have created regulations such as HOS Rules and the ELD Mandate. While these regulations are controversial, they were created to help improve the safety of the nation’s highways. While on-time deliveries are an important measure of customer service, they should not trump the safety of drivers. Businesses should never encourage their drivers to break HOS rules, and should instead make safety the priority to help create an image of safe and responsible drivers.

Respect your Drivers

The economy is booming and e-commerce is on the rise. As demand continues to rise, so will contracted and spot shipping rates. While extra profit is a benefit most shippers can enjoy, it is important not to forget the drivers. Consider raising driver wages, creating new incentives or improving equipment to show drivers they are appreciated.

As a career coach for drivers, Centerline is committed to partnering with companies that advocate and improve the image of America’s professional drivers.

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