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Centerline welcomes new Safety Operations Manager

by Charlotte Freed | Feb 01, 2019

Jim LedbetterEarlier this month, Centerline welcomed Jim Ledbetter to the team. As Centerline’s Safety Operations Manager, Jim will be responsible for establishing a “safety first” mentality. To establish this culture, Jim intends to be a very vocal quarterback.

With over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, Jim understands that safety is the key to success. According to Jim, running a safe operation not only eliminates risk, but “allows customer service and operational costs to be successful as well.” To create a safety first mentality, safety has to be a face to face interaction starting from the very beginning of the recruitment process. One of Jim’s goals at Centerline is to help streamline safety processes, and help the Centerline team recruit, identify and retain the safest drivers.

As the driving pool continues to shrink, it becomes increasingly important to minimize the turnover of safe drivers. That is why Jim stresses the importance of taking safety seriously: “Don’t be an ‘armchair quarterback.’ Get up, walk the yard, do a ride along. Understand the struggles your drivers are going through on a daily basis.” Understanding safety is the key to communicating with drivers. If you can talk it and live it, you’ll have the ear of the driver. Establishing a safe culture is more than sending an email or posting a bulletin. Jim explains, “Drivers don’t have time to read bulletins – you need to be available and reiterate the message of safety over and over and over again.”

The safety of the driving public is a reasonability Centerline takes very seriously. We ensure that all drivers are properly qualified under DOT regulations and meet our stringent eligibility requirements. Our drivers undergo continuous driver training, evaluation and mentoring.

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