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Staff Shoutout: Claudia Golden

by Charlotte Freed | Dec 28, 2018
Centerline's Claudia Golden

Sometimes you just know what you’re good at…and your career matches up ideally with these skills. This is the case for Claudia Golden, who is on the Sales team for Driver Management Services for National Accounts. Claudia went from her first job selling cheeseburgers and fries at Wendy’s to retail clothing and then spent over a decade in cellular sales. From there, Claudia decided the staffing industry called to her and took her sales acumen into a new realm. After several years in the construction staffing world, Claudia found Centerline and hasn’t looked back.

Claudia knows she’s good at sales – and she has the years under her belt to prove it. Contributing to Claudia’s success is her keen understanding of a customer’s viewpoint. She says how important it is to be “up front” and “completely honest” and that it’s important to remind them that we are dealing and working with people. Claudia says “there are always going to be bumps in the road, but I will always call back and we’ll try to figure it out” adding that she doesn’t play games or serve “B.S.” Claudia also knows how important it is getting to know each one of her customers. While they may have preferences on drivers, she knows the best drivers available for each business based on personalities and needs – likening matching a customer to a driver to puzzle pieces fitting together well.

An exercise that has proven to be critical in successful sales for Claudia is role playing. She notes that the practice sets her up with the knowledge and information she would need for any circumstance or question. Being able to address an issue or approach a situation confidently is important to Claudia and ensuring she delivers the best service possible while maintaining Centerline’s integrity.

What Claudia doesn’t mention in our conversation is how her personality and attitude is such a factor as to why customers lean in to her sales strategies. Claudia is genuinely interested in creating partnerships and it’s easy to sense she’s passionate about connecting great drivers with great companies. Centerline is grateful to work alongside Claudia and know that she’s a piece of the company puzzle that makes the whole picture come together.

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  1. Patrick mcallister | Jan 02, 2019
    Here’s to another successful year Claudia!

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