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Staff Shoutout: Candis Barr

by Charlotte Freed | Nov 30, 2018

Candis Barr Centerline Recruiting ManagerNo matter the industry, there will be a variety of people involved with different personality types, different strengths, and different weaknesses. Yet time has told us that one thing we all share is the desire to be treated well. Candis Barr, one of Centerline’s much-appreciated recruiters in Georgia, makes sure to remind us all of that – and lives her truth each and every day, talking the talk and walking the walk. “We all get one life to be as great as we can be,” says Candis Barr, speaking thoughtfully. She’s been with Centerline for five years, finding the recruiting role to fulfill her need to directly impact lives. From hospice to trucking, Candis demonstrates the passion she has for connecting with people.

No matter the day, Candis starts with coffee and a review of her to-do list: a structured routine to make sure priorities are addressed and pertinent tasks are taken care of. When the interviewing begins, she makes a point to speak with potential candidates in a group setting. Candis says that through group interviews, she ends up allowing more time for file processing while also creating stronger connections by offering a stress-free environment. This prompts open communication. She says they talk, they laugh, they enjoy snacks – simply having a normal conversation allows her to best identify interviewees’ strengths and weaknesses without rushing or pressuring them for insights. Candis notes that while she encounters people from all walks of life, some with tainted histories and others without, she says “there is no judging anyone; we are all people that need to be treated as such.”

The appetite for greatness Candis brings to Centerline does not go unnoticed. Acknowledged at last year’s Centerline Thirty Club (CTC), she also appreciates that Centerline President, Jill Quinn, has taken the time to get to know her personally. Not only does Candis feel valued, she says Centerline “allows me to be me” adding, “I don’t have to read from a script, I don’t have to say what they want me to say. I can be me and they trust that I will make great hiring decisions based on how I feel about the driver.” It’s clear that strong leadership has resulted in a proactive, determined work culture within the company – but Candis shows that it takes commitment from everyone, saying, “I go home every day feeling good because I know that I have given 100 percent to my job and my drivers. When you give 100 percent, you feel good, you feel accomplishment, you get enjoyment that you have impacted someone else’s life.”

She closes our conversation with a message to her team: “We have the ability to provide shelter, food, vehicles, and clothing for people and we shouldn’t ever take that lightly. So let’s appreciate each other, our team, and come together as one because we are nothing without each other. If you have a team member going through something, let’s call them, visit them and let them know you are here for them during work and outside of work because this is what it takes for everyone to be successful. Believe it or not; if you have someone struggling, we all suffer because they may not be in the mindset to give their 100 percent but with your help, they can give 80 and you add 20 and Centerline succeeds and will continue to be the number one provider in transportation.”

So, with Candis’ zeal in mind, go out and be your greatest, give 100 percent, and remember that no matter how different each of us may be – we are all people who want and need to be treated with kindness and respect. 

Written by: Anna Mischke

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