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How can you improve the nation’s traffic troubles?

by Charlotte Freed | Nov 02, 2018

Traffic builds on busy highwayThe American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released their most recent numbers reporting the cost of congestion. In the Cost of Congestion to the Trucking Industry report, $74.5 billion was added to the trucking industry’s operational costs, up 0.5% from the previous year. On top of the tens of billions of dollars is 1.2 billion collective hours lost on productivity: the equivalent to 425,533 truck drivers sitting idle for a whole year.

As traffic continues to worsen across the country, urban areas experience the strongest hit due to the onslaught of e-commerce orders jamming roads with next and same-day delivery. While some plead for action from legislation to improve deteriorating road conditions that cause financial and timeline disruptions, others ask for fleets to reexamine their routes to improve efficiency and road conditions.

When fleet owners take the time to review their routes, they may find that old practices can make way for new. Whether customer lists have changed, directions have shifted, or delivery schedules evolved, there could be opportunity to route more efficiently. While traffic may or may not improve in the near future, optimizing routes can make a small but substantial difference when an entire infrastructure overhaul isn’t on the agenda.

While reaching out to local legislators and opening conversation between business leaders, lawmakers, and even consumers is vital in creating awareness around the need for infrastructure change – a conscious shift in your day-to-day operations can help ensure peak productivity and help frustrated drivers avoid timewasting bottlenecks.

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