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Staff Shoutout: Rod Crowell

by Charlotte Freed | Sep 28, 2018

Rod Crowell addresses his peersIt takes patience and dedication to excel in the sport of golf. Focused attention, a keen eye for the competition, excellent sportsmanship, and the ability to quickly adapt are all keys to being a winner. Those same things have helped Rod Crowell, Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Service, excel both on the golf course and throughout his career.

Initially joining Centerline in 1996 when the company was operating as TLC, he parted ways in 2007 to begin his own business in legal staffing. Soon though, Rod found where he truly wanted to be and that was back with his original team at Centerline, who he kept in close contact with even during his time away. He decided to rejoin Centerline when an opportunity presented itself and has since worked alongside many of the people he considers his mentors and beacons of support. Rod’s dedication to his team at Centerline is a perfect example of how important relationships are to him. Part of what has helped Rod succeed is his genuine interest and care for building and maintaining relationships in all aspects of his work and life. His colleagues and customers find that he consistently takes the effort to reach out and connect.

“Be willing to do whatever it takes,” Rod said in a recent interview with some of his team. Working as part of a large operation with people all across the country can be taxing, but he knows that going above and beyond truly makes a difference in the success of a company. He explains that while the tendency for many is to stay in their own lanes and focus only on accomplishing their goals, those who can reach out and help others will truly experience victories, big and small.

Rod works because he wants to change lives. Many times you’ll find him sending out a motivational email, posting an encouraging sign, or following up with an unexpected thank you note. By adding a sense of friendly competition, Rod makes improvement something people want to do without knowing it. Not only does he do that in his job, but also for his family and friends. He says that his son and daughter are his inspiration, but we guarantee that those feelings are mutual. In fact, we imagine more people find him an inspiration than he knows.


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  1. Rod Crowell | Oct 03, 2018

    Tim- I appreciate the kind words and your comments made me realize that I have more work to do to stay connected with you and other outstanding partners within the industry.  I owe you a call and some conversation- personal and professional.  Thank you for believing and trusting in us!  

    John Trahan- you are the true epitomy of hard work and dedication. What where would we be without you and your dedication?  I truly don’t know!  

  2. John traHan | Oct 02, 2018
    Rod is truly an inspiration to me and others. Always available to help and such much knowledge. I love you brother Rod. Wooooo! 
  3. Tim Tveitnes, Sr. V.P. Operations, Coastal Pacific Food Distributors | Oct 01, 2018
    I have worked with Rod for the past 11 years and can tell you he is one of the best Customer focused individuals I have met.  He is on top of things and follows through with a passion.  His integrity and personal values are beyond approach.  My only complaint is that as Rod has risen in the organization I have lost the one on one personal touch that he used to give me and my transportation managers.  Simply put Rod is the best and Centerline is lucky to have him! 

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