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Freight Will Continue to Swell, ATA Predicts

by Charlotte Freed | Sep 14, 2018

Truck receives shipment as growth in market continuesThe American Trucking Association's (ATA) most recent edition of its Freight Forecast predicts continued growth in an already thriving freight economy. The report shows freight volume growth reaching 4.2 percent, and for the total tonnage transported to reach 16 billion tons. The numbers are only expected to grow as freight volumes are projected to reach 35.6 percent by 2029, with total tonnage reaching 21.7 billion tons.

ATA chief economist, Bob Costello, highlighted the importance of the Freight Forecast noting that the freight economy heavily impacts our economy and that "the growth we're projecting in freight demand is a reflection of its strength."

In the next five years, the ATA expects truck volumes to grow 2.3 percent annually, then dropping 2.2 percent per year the following five years. Trucking's share of total tonnage is expected to decrease from the current 70.2 percent to 65.9 percent by 2019 due to anticipated changes in demand for commodities.

ATA president and CEO, Chris Spear, stressed the importance of acting immediately on freight issues, such as workforce development and infrastructure investment, as the increase in freight volumes will require "more trucks and drivers to continue safely delivering our nation's goods." 

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