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Staff Shoutout: A Moment with Michael Turner

by Charlotte Freed | Aug 31, 2018
Michael Turner addresses the crowd

Michael Turner continues to be one of the reasons for Centerline growth, bringing on incredible drivers and mentoring those around him. A Senior Recruiter with Centerline for thirteen years, Michael continues to take colleagues under his wing while modeling the way as an excellent leader.


“I started with TLC then, back in August of 2005, after spending the previous years as a transportation and distribution manager and training manager while in the [United States Air Force]. Since I’ve had the experience of being a driver, I have tried to maintain that mindset when speaking with both applicants and current drivers. Over the years, I have developed personal and professional relationships and still get former drivers stopping by, just to talk about what’s been happening in each other’s lives.

With the way our branches are structured, I am the face of Centerline for [the Washington] area, as I believe all RMs are [of their regions]. My approach, conversations, and integrity not only reflect on me, but also the company as a whole. My goal, no matter the outcome, whether hired or not, is to leave all applicants with a positive impression, which carries a lot of weight in this industry where word-of-mouth truly does factor in when it comes to companies attracting drivers.

It has been an honor for me to be a part of this team and to witness and now participate in its growth, from just two states to over twenty and still growing. The teamwork and commitment across the board is evident and displayed on a daily basis. Though we may work as teams of three, the truth is that we are much bigger than that. One driver at a time adds up to hundreds of drivers with a company-wide approach.”

We are grateful that Michael shared a bit of his story with us and if you have the opportunity to work with him, you’ll understand the words of praise showered upon him on his thirteenth anniversary in August.

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  1. Rod Crowell | Sep 05, 2018

    This man is amazing.  Mike performs at such a high level every year and I personally am honored to be able to work with him year in and year out.  

    We appreciate all your hard work and commitment Mike!  

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