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Will Big Data Save Millions and Solve the Driver Shortage?

by Charlotte Freed | Jul 20, 2018

7.19.18Operational disorganization and inefficiencies aren’t new to the trucking industry. What is new is the technology that could cut hundreds of millions of dollars in these inefficiencies for trucking in the coming four years. Jeff Sass, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Navistar, shared this forecast at the 2018 Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange explaining big data pulled from truck usage could be leveraged to make better use of assets while slashing operational costs.

Newer technology from SaaS (software-as-a-service) routing and scheduling systems, in-cab video devices, GPS insights, and mobile apps are helping fleets work smarter with better routing, improved load matches, enhanced safety, and the ability to problem-solve around logistical issues.

Sass said that if the trucking industry “could get just 5 percent more efficiency out of our operations, it could possibly eliminate the driver shortage entirely.” This is music to the ears of fleet owners struggling to find and keep qualified drivers. While automation and electric trucks have had the most recent places in the disruptor spotlight, more fleets can utilize basic and accessible technology to obtain information. This information, or big data, could improve timing coordination, unload time, and overall organization – everyday challenges that cost companies millions and frustrate drivers. If you’re curious and interested in researching the hundreds of available software options, Capterra is a great place to start.

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