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New CVSA Committee Focuses on Crash Data Improvement

by Anna Mischke | May 04, 2018

Customer News 050418A new committee stemming from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is working towards improving the currently deficient uniform crash data for truck-involved crashes while addressing crash accountability within the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.  The Crash Data and Investigative Standard Committee was introduced at the annual CVSA workshop in Portland, OR this April.

The CSA program has highlighted the lack of crash test data and the unreliability of previously collected data. The new team aims to work with others to create a uniform reporting and investigative process to “basically establish a standard protocol and reporting system” for crashes and to “help everyone with better data – to do better investigations, and to be more consistent” in research and reporting.

Director of CVSA crash standards and analysis, Scott Hernandez, shared that Thomas Fitzgerald, a CVSA member out of Massachusetts will be new committee chair and that the CVSA “needs to step up and take a lead on this issue.”

Updates on the CVSA website outline the new committee’s goals:

  • Establish and maintain a uniform commercial motor vehicle/large vehicle crash reporting protocol.
  • Establish and maintain a uniform commercial motor vehicle/large vehicle crash investigation protocol.
  • Report authorized crash information/data in a uniform manner that allows for stakeholder analysis.
  • Establish and maintain uniform commercial motor vehicle/large vehicle crash training for stakeholders.
  • Work cooperatively with all stakeholders to reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes.
  • Establish accredited training curriculum.

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