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Staff Shoutout : Brian Murphy

by Anna Mischke | Oct 27, 2017

Brian MurphyAt Centerline, we take pride in our safety standards, from the constant training provided, to the relevant tips we share in hopes that we can support the protection of our drivers and those around them. Little of this would have much of an impact without our Safety Operations Manager, Brian Murphy.

Some may not consider safety as an integral aspect of business - but in the trucking industry, safety is king. Brian does everything in his power to ensure the safety of drivers: holding safety meetings with drivers and staff, promoting safety tips in person and online, and reaching as many individuals as possible in hopes of creating opportunities to connect over safety issues. He believes it is important to be on site as much as possible to best do his job and stay in touch regularly.

Brian does all of this on top of his heavy daily workload of covering all major accidents or safety events that occur. He spends a good chunk of time resolving incidents involving the DOT and investigating each case to better understand what happened. He then comes up with solutions with hopes of preventing similar situations from occurring in the future. Brian’s work requires him to be on the road often. He travels between visiting customer locations where he organizes and holds safety meetings, spends time with drivers discussing everything from life to tips for driving in the snow, learning driver-tested methods of preventing accidents, and actively promoting safety in the workplace.

Brian’s passion for safety stems partially from a tragic personal experience. His grandfather lost his life in a devastating work accident that could have been prevented. When working on a reefer trailer, lock out and tag rules were ignored and the train moved, creating a domino effect that threw his grandfather off the trailer onto the train tracks. After sustaining terrible injuries, he passed away a week later in the hospital. This all happened when Brian’s father was ten years old. Brian witnessed his fair share of distress and disappointment during his time as a compliance adjuster after college, a position he promised himself he would never return to due to the emotional strain. He was finished seeing how serious injuries were handled and the destructive effect they can have on families. Now, he focuses on preventing those injuries by being proactive about information, training, and guidance.

Brian hopes that when he works with drivers and conducts training around safety that everyone keeps an open mind. He believes everyone has valuable input and experiences to contribute, and when we all understand why something should be done a certain way, we can work together meaningfully and preemptively. He understands that while he isn’t out on the road in the big rigs every day like drivers, he needs to best prepare for each situation like he is. One way he does this is by trying to ride along on trips so he can experience the point of view of a driver. He researches each topic thoroughly to truly understand the science behind safety and studies his material until he knows it like the back of his hand.

When he’s not crossing the country improving safety for dozens of companies, Brian is home in Baltimore with his wife, Claire. She’s supportive of his work and while he misses the comforts of home, he enjoys traveling and the opportunity to meet people and connect with colleagues. Brian is an avid writer and creative, working on several projects in his limited spare time. The Centerline team is fortunate to have such a zealous, driven individual dedicated to the safety of drivers, employees, and everyone out there on the road.


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  1. anonymous | Oct 31, 2017
    An honor to work with a leader like Brian!
  2. terence Hampton | Oct 30, 2017
    Safety is Like baseball it's not how many runs you score but how you get home safe . I think about this everyday, I start to finish my day driving truck .

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