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Staff Shoutout: Isabel Castro

by Kelsey Stafford | Sep 28, 2017
Centerline Account Manager Isabel Castro

"Isabel Castro is the best! She is very helpful, very courteous, and if I need something she is quick to respond."

-Centerline Customer

Whether sprinting on the treadmill or pushing herself to be a proactive leader in the industry, Isabel Castro gives her best. A valuable asset to the Centerline family since 2015, Isabel works out of Lawrenceville as an Account Manager.

Isabel kick-starts her days bright and early with coffee and the news: she likes to stay on top of global, national, and local news so that she is well-informed and can share conversation on a number of current events. A fitness buff, she then focuses on cardio along with interval training. With heartrate up and ready for the day ahead, Isabel then spends time with her children, Sebastian and Fabiana, before taking them to school and preparing for the work that lies ahead.

Originally hired for TrueBlue Corporate, Isabel moved on to Centerline after meeting with Brett Miller and Jill Quinn: a challenging interview, but ultimately a highly successful one that brought her onto the team! Isabel began to eat, sleep, and dream Centerline and aimed to learn everything she could to excel in her new position. She was determined to educate herself as quickly as possible, but found that the industry continually changes and that she must actively stay current daily. Her dedication was clear to the customers she served, making herself available 24/7 and working overtime multiple days when needed. Isabel learned the ins and outs of her customers, down to birthdays and anniversaries, knowing that relationships are everything in the role she is in.

Isabel turns to her mother, Victoria, for inspiration. She admires her mother’s tenacity and diligence in caring for her younger brother who has Spina Bifida. Working full-time and tending to the family, Victoria always made her children feel cared for and they trusted her through and through. Now, as a mother herself, Isabel is even more awestruck at the way her mother managed everything that came their way and she strives to do the same with her family. It is clear that the importance of perseverance for Isabel is strong: no matter what she comes across in her day-to-day, she tackles with confidence and knowledge. We are so proud to have Isabel on our team.

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  1. Maryanne Spyridis | Oct 04, 2017
    Congratulations !! 

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