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Transportation Infrastructure Remains Top Priority in Upcoming Election

by Charlotte Freed | Oct 13, 2016
10.13.16_ElectionWith less than one month until Election Day, voters will be deciding which candidate will best represent their interests. For the trucking industry, one issue that candidates must address is transportation infrastructure.

Compared to recent elections, contributions from the trucking industry to both Democratic and Republican candidates are down, but that doesn't mean organizations aren't making their voices heard. Last week, three dozen transportation groups, including the American Transportation Associations (ATA),Transportation Builders Association, and US Chamber of Commerce, wrote to the two major party candidates stressing the importance of the continued existence of the Highway Transportation Fund

The groups are calling for an infrastructure package that includes "additional sustainable revenue to ensure the permanent solvency of the Highway Trust Fund." They are calling for the sources to be "long-term, reliable, dedicated..." and focused on the "users and beneficiaries of our transportation network."

The fund, which is currently dwindling, helps states pay for infrastructure projects. Uncertainty of funding prevents local and state governments from planning, funding, and constructing transportation projects. Organizations believe that without the ability to plan, fund, and construct these projects, state and local economies have missed the opportunity to create and increase the number of "good-paying jobs..." and therefore have "...hampered America's economic competitiveness." 

Groups backing the continuation of the fund believe that raising federal taxes on fuel will help restore funds to help with these projects. Both candidates have promised to modernize the country's infrastructure. To learn more, you can read both Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's plan to improve the nation's infrastructure. 

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