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Solving the Driver Shortage one Millennial at a Time

by Charlotte Freed | Mar 01, 2019

Millennial truck driversWith the driver shortage escalating each year, it’s time companies started thinking about recruiting smarter. Recruiting smarter starts with forward thinking – not just using the same techniques more efficiently than the competition, but becoming a trailblazer in new areas as well. One way to stand out is by recruiting millennials.

The trucking industry is aging. There’s no denying it. One question still remains: How do we inject youth into the industry? In other words, how do we make transportation, more importantly, how do we make truck driving, a job that millennials are dying to have?

For starters, we can change the perception of the industry. Trucking has everything millennials want from a career: benefits and bonuses, the ability to prioritize their family, loyalty from their company, and the ability to make a social impact. Because of increased competition, truck driver pay has become very competitive, especially when considering benefits and safety bonuses. Truck drivers keep this country moving forward. Highlight what product your company is moving, and the impact it makes each and every day. If your company has flexible options or offers local routes, make sure you let your recruiting partner know. They’ll be able to highlight these benefits in your job description.

Another way to change the perception of the industry is to stop thinking about trucking as a job. Instead we must focus on truck driving as a career. This is a profession where millennials can thrive for 20-30 years. It’s not a gig. Truck drivers are professionals.

The trucking industry is currently cannibalizing itself – offering higher and higher wages in attempts to lure away experienced drivers from the competition. It’s time to start thinking outwards, and to start thinking about how the industry can work together to help attract the next generation of truck drivers.

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