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How to Save Money and Time by Avoiding a Bad Hire

by Charlotte Freed | Dec 28, 2018

With the driver shortage and capacity crunch at top of mine, it sometimes feels necessary to hire anyone who walks through the door looking for work. But in the end, hiring the wrong person for the job not only costs you time and money, but can negatively influence your current team. While there is pressure to fill seats and get trucks moving, it’s not worth risking a hire on an unfit candidate.

Centerline Driver’s, experts in truck driver staffing, lend insights into how employers can avoid bringing on a bad hire by proactively using strong recruitment tactics. Some aspects begin in the first phases of the candidate search such as:

  • Accurately portraying the job description in advertisements
  • Sharing your company values early and often
  • Demonstrating the company culture early in the hiring process
  • Conducting proper background checks
  • Calling references of applicants
  • Performing a personality assessment

Others come in during the interview process, like:

  • Be wary if you, the interviewer, does all the talking
  • The job duties are not discussed or brought up in the interview
  • Do not rush the interview process, it’s a critical step in the growth process

There are other items to bear in mind, too, that may not seem obvious. Make sure you and your hiring team are not solely hiring based on:

  • Physical appearance
  • Age bracket
  • Universal “good” traits

It’s also vital to implement a strong onboarding process so new hires are given the tools and insights to succeed. Take the time to review your existing hiring practices and determine what is and isn’t bringing in quality hires. Additionally, continue to reassess and evaluate your internal hiring process periodically; in the fast-changing world of work, it’s important you have the team you need to keep your operations moving smoothly.

If time doesn’t allow for a proper recruiting and crafting a solid onboarding process, it may be worthwhile to look into partnering with a temporary driver staffing company who will take the measures in getting you the driving force you need. In the long run, it’s worth having the ability to try new hires who have been vetted by the pros.

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