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3 Data Points that Make an Impact

by Charlotte Freed | Aug 31, 2018

Team members using data to make decisionsThe difference between playing a guessing game and investing in successful action items comes down to data. Not just gathering data, but dissecting it and understanding how these numbers apply to each aspect of your business. If you find that your organization is constantly planning and strategizing but rarely seeing how it effects the bottom line, you’re doing something wrong.

If you were to conduct an employee satisfaction survey, but ignore the responses, what would be the point in sending it in the first place? The same logic applies to data you pull from your teams’ efforts. Look at the numbers and build a plan around them. Technology provides you insights into how your tactics deliver. Use those analytics to improve companywide, and keep an eye on these important data points.


“Where are our leads coming from?” If you can answer this, you’re paving the road to meeting sales goals. Monitor your customers to determine what marketing tactics capture the most interest and generate the most leads. Whether email, AdWords, events, or social media – you will be able to see what works best for your customers and where and how to reach them.

Campaign Success

Determine how each of your campaigns are performing. When you make comparisons of specific campaigns and actions, you’ll better understand exactly what interests your customers. If you send out an email newsletter, look at the data around how many people opened, clicked, and spent time on the content. If you run a paid promotion, keep track of the clicks or engagements and where the promotion lives. Over time, you’ll be able to gauge what types of behaviors are worthwhile in generating sales.

Predictive Numbers

Predictive analytics can be extremely useful for long term planning. This technology reviews your current numbers and predetermines what is likely to happen in your business according to historic data. Predictive analytics allow businesses to focus on the approaches that are most likely to result in returns, rather than wasting time on activities with low yield.

Taking the time to learn about the specific analytics that apply to your business and how to access them can cause a major shift in operations efficiency and ROI. Develop your plans around data that provides a foundation for growth.

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