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When Your Entire Team Sells

by Anna Mischke | Jun 01, 2018

shutterstock_574544962If you ask who in your organization is in Sales, it’s likely that only your dedicated sales team would confidently raise their hands. However, every single person in your company regardless of their role contributes to your bottom line. While they may not all be dialing potential customers or presenting your services door to door, everyone should understand that their actions and decisions ultimately affect the company’s revenue, profits, and growth.

Consider your receptionist. When a potential customer calls, will they be confident in your brand if the phone is answered unprofessionally? Or think of the interactions clients have with your customer service representatives. Do they feel valued when receiving assistance or do they sense impatience or annoyance? How will that experience affect their decision of where to place their business next?

Creating a sales culture where everyone feels that their input and efforts are valuable, even if they may not directly affect finances, will ultimately help the goals of your company overall and generate a stronger sense of belonging within your organization.

Connect your teams

Rather than forming siloes around each department, build a sense of collaboration. By encouraging everyone to see their role as an interwoven aspect of overall success, they will be more likely to appreciate different positions and varying skillsets. When the team experiences a business loss, everyone should be working together toward a solution. When achieving a win, everyone should be celebrated for their part in the accomplishment.

Think outside the role

Sales opportunities come in all ways, shapes, and forms. Working with people with diverse talents and viewpoints may present fresh approaches when it comes to selling. Why not work with all of your employees to discover new methods to retaining clients, giving a proposal, or marketing your company?

Share the loudspeaker

When someone feels empowered to sell the company, the likelihood of them becoming an ambassador of your brand skyrockets. “Sales” doesn’t need to be in someone’s title for them to share the abilities of your product or service; people listen to others who are passionate about their work. By affirming each of your staff that their role is vital and directly influences overall success, you give them the opportunity to be proud of their role and of their importance.

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