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Learning Personalities to Improve Holistically

by Anna Mischke | Oct 20, 2017

CL Monthly Blog 101317While there are those who may be resistant to the ever-evolving world of technology, many new innovations can improve the workplace, business, and the experience of your staff. There are countless tools which can help aid retention rates and boost company influence and desirability through employee satisfaction, clear understanding from the executive and leadership teams, and stronger communication from all sides.

Socrates knew the importance of self-knowledge, teaching that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” While drastic, the understanding that people should “know thyself” holds extreme value. Personality tests may seem trivial, but research shows that some are very worthwhile: they can help balance a team and support individual workers in considering how to best interact with each other. Getting to know how your frontline people and drivers operate allows you to gauge how to best partner them in day-to-day duties, engage in a meaningful way, and communicate successfully for all parties. 

An online search for “truck driver personality tests” displays results of aptitude tests profiling whether a career in truck driving suits their disposition, to assessments describing a person’s driving style. While these may prove to be helpful, there are general personality tests that have been proven to lend strong insights such as the popular DISC Profile, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Big Five, Social Styles, Wilson Learning, and The Birkman First Look Assessment Test.

With the resources available to better assess each of your team members, it is highly worthwhile to utilize these tools to get everyone working together, stronger. 

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