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The Best Way to Be Safe: Lead By Example

by Anna Mischke | May 17, 2017

leadApril is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. A reminder that when it comes to safety, you should always address negative habits otherwise the consequences could be fatal. Deborah Lockridge, Editor-in-chief of, recently published an article titled, When Safety Comes From the Top. The article resonated with us here at Centerline because we continuously strive to create a culture of safety that reaches our entire organization. This includes our president, recruiters, drivers and everyone in between.

New technology emerges each week promising to be the next leap in safety and productivity innovation. While technology is constantly reviewed, purchased and upgraded, a safety first attitude is not something you can buy, it is something that must be taught.

As a large player in the transportation industry, it is our responsibility to do our due diligence to protect the motoring public, a responsibility we take very seriously. No matter what the new tech tool is or does, the decision for safety will always fall to each individual. This means if something doesn’t pass a safety check or a driver is just slightly out of compliance, there is a hard line and decision to not deploy until everything is in order. The lives of our drivers and everyone out on the road are too important to us. When this philosophy starts at the top of an organization, your employees will know they are backed by their leaders to always choose safety first no matter the cost.


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    Thank you!
  2. assignment writing company | May 03, 2018
    It is better to create awareness on safe driving. Most of the people are breaking the traffic rules and many accidents are happened due to driver's negligence. It is good to follow the rules to avoid risks.

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