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Transportation Delivers Food and Fireworks for Fourth!

by David Kimball | Jun 29, 2016

Fourth of JulyThe month of July accentuates our American values and our reverence for freedom. From apple pie and hot dog eating contests to Main Street parades, we collectively put aside our differences and political preferences to celebrate the home of the brave. Some were born and raised here; others have immigrated, but all call it home.

Over the years, America has grown in size, economy and population. A part of what makes America great is the innovation that comes from its diverse patriots and their drive to work hard and discover new things. From the industrial revolution to modern technology, transportation has played a huge role in our growth and strength as a country. Trucking effects even the small things in life that we may not realize.

As we celebrate the 4th keep in mind a few BBQ staples wouldn’t be on your table if it weren’t for truck drivers! Check out this infographic by C.H. ROBINSON to see what you’d be missing. 

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