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Five Things We’ve Learned About Truck Drivers

by Kelsey Stafford | Mar 30, 2016

Knowing Our Truck Drivers

  1. Get to know your drivers and they will respond by being happy and loyal. This isn’t rocket science, but in an industry that hasn’t always considered the driver or how isolating this profession can be; we see the impact when we take time to get to know our drivers and their families and do the little things that make a difference for them.

  2. Finding the right fit makes everyone happy – drivers and customers. We all thrive when placed in the right environment. We take the time to find out how assignments can be better and then make those changes rapidly.

  3. Create a culture of belonging – drivers want to belong to the bigger picture. It matters to them that they work for a national company that services the largest accounts in the US. They are a part of an industry that touch nearly every aspect of our lives. Their jobs are vital to our well-being and economic stability and we tell them so.

  4. Give respect - truck drivers have strong work ethic and are looking for opportunities to excel. Respect that it’s not a job everyone can do.

  5. Lastly, communication is vital! Strong communication is the crucible; we can’t learn what success looks like for our customers, much less pair the right driver with the opportunity without listening to both parties and making the best match possible.

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