Working with Centerline

Working with CenterlineWhen you work with Centerline, you get an integrated team made up of:

  1. Account manager
  2. Recruiting manager
  3. Service manager
  4. In-house safety/compliance expert
  5. with backing from our in-house support team.

    Together we'll help you reduce risk, control costs and remain flexible on whatever road your company is traveling.

  1. Account Manager
  2. Your account manager will learn about your business and help develop a staffing program that works to grow your business with the flexibility to manage seasonality and the ebb and flow of your work. Your account manager works closely with our recruiting and service team to ensure that the right drivers are recruited and assignments are made as seamlessly as possible.

  3. Recruiting Manager
  4. Each of our recruiters devotes 100% of their time to attracting talent, screening and interviewing. They make sure that your drivers are the best fit for your company and fully compliant with DOT regulations.

    Our  recruiters take each driver through our comprehensive six (6) step hiring process:

    1. On-line pre-screening
    2. In-person or telephone interview
    3. Formal application
    4. Verifications and screenings (employment checks, background checks, drug screening)
    5. New hire paperwork
    6. Centerline safety training


  5. Service Manager
  6. The service manager works at our 24/7 service center. The service manager has the unique role of connecting the right driver with the right customer to ensure that both the customer's and the driver’s needs are respected and met. The service manager takes great care to ensure that the best match is made every time.

  7. Safety and Compliance
  8. Our in-house safety, compliance and legal team ensure that our drivers are in full DOT compliance at all times.

Customer Service Promise

We are committed to giving every customer a first-rate experience. We take pride in our work and are pleased to offer our 8-Point Customer Service Promise as your guarantee that we’ll get the job done right.

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