BeSafe sets the standard for safety at Centerline and across the TrueBlue organization.  The program flows naturally from our corporate values:

  • To BeSafe means that we are passionate about working safely on every job, every day, every time.
  • It means we are committed to each individual's responsibility to BeSafe not only for themselves, but also for their families, their coworkers, and our customers.
  • It means we are creative when thinking about safety, exploring all possibilities, avenues and opportunities to BeSafe.
  • BeSafe means we understand that the ultimate form of respect is to bring people home safe and sound.
  • To BeSafe means we are being true to our core values and to ourselves.

Centerline employs several CTP-certified safety specialists who supervise Centerline's safety initiatives including mandatory, quarterly safety training for all of our dedicated drivers.

Like you, we appreciate the value of a clean safety record and reward drivers who demonstrate consistent safety practices on the job. At Centerline, safe drivers earn "safety bucks" which can be redeemed for valuable prizes at the Centerline safety store.

Our Safety Process

Because safety is at the forefront of our commitment to both our customers and our drivers, we continue to evaluate and monitor industry trends and changes to provide a better service experience for all. Our process includes:

  1. Site evaluations and safety audits. We work with all of our customers to ensure proper equipment is being operated and proper equipment is being used. We ensure the drivers understand both the equipment and the proper PPE.
  2. CSA and PSP scoring data. We monitor this data with our customers to ensure our drivers are continuing to meet DOT requirements.
  3. We conduct full accident and injury investigations in partnership with our customers and assist in obtaining all the information required when an accident occurs. We look not only at the fault of the accident but also what could have prevented  the accident from occurring. This information helps Centerline and our customers  develop training methods that can reduce future occurrences or exposure to injuries or accidents.
  4. Centerline offers quarterly safety meetings at many of our customers’ locations. These meetings are hands on with the drivers and cover a variety of topics. As part of each safety meeting, our safety manager conducts pre-trip inspection, accident reporting and avoidance procedures, and driver close quarter maneuvers. Centerline also conducts ride-alongs with an experienced CDL driver from Centerline.

Injury and Accident Prevention

At Centerline we understand the impact accidents have on all parties involved. Our objective and focus is to ensure all drivers are properly qualified under the DOT regulations and meet our stringent hiring requirements. We provide our drivers access to the newest training environments.

We strive to be at the forefront of the transportation staffing industry by providing the most extensive background checks when hiring drivers and by ensuring every driver has the skills and training needed to be safe and effective behind the wheel.

Our Safety Department provides drivers with ongoing training, evaluation, and mentoring on professionalism, conduct, and  new or existing regulations. We hold our drivers to a higher standard and provide the tools to keep them there.

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