Centerline Drivers

We recruit, screen, hire and place professional drivers for jobs at locations across North America. When you need responsible, experienced and safe CDL drivers, our team has a solution that will deliver.

At Centerline, we reduce your employment and compliance risk by providing experienced and certified CDL drivers for both flexible staffing and fully-outsourced driver needs.

Our drivers are carefully screened to make sure they will be a safe and qualified member of your commercial fleet. In addition to a rigorous application, our six (6) step hiring process includes:

  1. On-line pre-screening
  2. In-person or telephone interview
  3. Formal application
  4. Verifications and screenings (employment checks, background checks, drug screening)
  5. New hire paperwork
  6. Centerline safety training

Once you are established as a Centerline customer, our 24/7 live service center support team gives you access to our qualified drivers anytime and anywhere.

Whether you need drivers to fill a driver shortage or need a long-term outsourced solution, Centerline helps you resolve your driver needs.

Driver Staffing

Your customers rely on you to get your product delivered reliably and on time. Every time. And when the product arrives, it’s the driver who represents the face of your business. With seasonal changes and shifting market conditions, you need a flexible workforce and drivers who meet your standards. Centerline’s experience in driver staffing can help.

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Dedicated Drivers

The philosophy behind our dedicated driver solution is simple -- when you outsource driver employment to us, Centerline will take on management of your commercial driver workforce, specific to your needs and requirements, and relieve you of the details of hiring and employing.

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Mobile Driver Services

Finding the right drivers is challenging enough, but for certain locations, it can be extremely challenging. Centerline has created a service focused on meeting the needs of our National Accounts in locations where options to recruit drivers locally are not as viable as other locations. Our Mobile Driver division flies drivers into locations where they spend the duration of the project working locally on-site. This arrangement benefits existing customers by getting their jobs filled with safe, compliant, DOT drivers and benefits the driver by compensating them for lodging, transportation and travel. Many of our drivers are highly interested in the opportunities created by this service to see a new city and explore new locations.

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Centerline has a perfect compliance record.

We have never failed a DOT inspection in our 25+ years in business. Ever.

At Centerline, we work in partnership with our drivers, customers, and internal service team to ensure that safety remains a top priority in our hiring, training and incentive programs. We reduce your employment and compliance risk by providing experienced and certified CDL drivers for both temporary and fully outsourced driver needs, coast-to-coast. We will meet or exceed all DOT, compliance and safety standards for each Centerline driver.

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Flexible Drivers Make Sense

  • Eliminate workforce interruptions
  • Provide coverage for vacations, sick leave and unexpected shortages
  • Add flexibility during seasonal shifts without the risk of hiring seasonal drivers
  • Control administrative costs of employment
  • Plan hiring for special jobs or large projects
  • Hire for growth

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Customer Service Promise

We are committed to giving every customer a first-rate experience. We take pride in our work and are pleased to offer our 8-Point Customer Service Promise as your guarantee that we’ll get the job done right.