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Safety Bucks

About Centerline Safety Bucks

By maintaining a clean safety record you can earn Centerline “Safety Bucks” that can be accumulated and redeemed for valuable merchandise.

How to Redeem Your Safety Bucks:

  • Earn your Safety Bucks, and then view the Safety Buck Redemption Catalog to explore the gift collections available to you.
  • Make your selection, and then complete the Safety Bucks Redemption Form.
  • Return the completed order form with the correct number of Safety Bucks to Centerline. (Address is on the order form.)
  • Items will be shipped directly to the address you indicated on the order form and should arrive in 14 to 21 days.
  • Drivers can redeem Safety Bucks only through the Safety Buck Redemption Catalog. Centerline Safety Bucks are not transferable among employees or non-employees. In the event of resignation or termination, the employee will have 30 days to submit an order.

Centerline does not warrant or guarantee any gift selection made by the employee or item shipped by vendor in the event the ordered item is no longer available.

Redeeming Your Safety Bucks

Here are how many safety bucks it takes to purchase each collection:

Gift Collections:

Variety - 450 Safety Bucks

Unique - 750 Safety Bucks

Distinctive - 1,200 Safety Bucks

Treasure - 1,500 Safety Bucks

Luxury - 3,000 Safety Bucks

Elite - 4,500 Safety Bucks

Premier - 6,000 Safety Bucks

Ultimate - 7,500 Safety Bucks

Luxe Royale - 12,000 Safety Bucks

Exquisite - 15,000 Safety Bucks

Specialty Collections:

Just for Him - 750 Safety Bucks

Just for Her- 750 Safety Bucks

Just for Baby - 750 Safety Bucks

I Do - 1500 Safety Bucks