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So you think you Can Drive and Multitask?

by Anna Mischke | May 17, 2017
03-28-17_mythsThe National Safety Council has given 5 common myths about distracted driving, and their surprising realities:

Myth #1: Drivers can multitask.

Reality: The human brain cannot do two things at the same time, as it switches between two tasks reaction time is slowed. 

Myth #2: Talking on a cell phone is the same as speaking to a passenger. 

Reality: Backseat and passenger drivers actually can help the driver be more aware, but people on the other end of a phone cannot.

Myth #3: Speaking on a cellphone using a hands-free device is safe while driving.

Reality: Drivers on cellphones can miss seeing up to 50% of their environments, including pedestrians and red lights.

Myth #4: I only use my phone at stop lights, so it’s safer. 

Reality: Even at a stoplight you still need to be attentive. A recent AAA study shows that people are distracted up to 27 seconds after they finish sending a voice text. 

Myth #5: Voice-to-text is safe to do while driving.

Reality: Voice-to-text is still very distracting because you are visually distracted due to the common auto-correct errors. 

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  1. Bernhardt | Jul 29, 2017

    I don’t think so a driver can do multi task driving because that would cause serious accidents. You need to avoid to use the mobile phones and other things which cause of accidents and divert your attention. That article by essay writers is informative and would be thoughtful for others.

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