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Working with No Fall Protection

by User Not Found | Mar 24, 2017

03.23.17_SafetyClimbing on and off trucks, trailers, and other equipment with no railing or other fall protection poses a significant risk to safety. While injuries do not occur often, the consequences can be severe. Please use the following steps when climbing on and off equipment with no fall protection: 

  • Use three points of contact. 
  • When climbing on a truck or trailer, turn the engine off, put the key in your pocket, and set the parking brake(s). 
  • Ensure that the climbing surface is stable, not in motion, and capable of supporting your weight. 
  • Confirm there are no hazards such as weather, debris, uneven/slippery surfaces, and traffic that could pose a threat to you. If you must climb on the equipment in these conditions, work cautiously, carefully, and ask for assistance whenever possible. 
  • Do not jump off of any equipment. 
  • Use proper ladders or steps if available; if not, reassess if it is safe to climb. 
  • Stay as far away from the edge(s) of the equipment as possible. 
  • Avoid carrying tarps and other heavy or difficult objects while working on trailers and surfaces above 4 ft. Instead place objects in position from the ground. 

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