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When in Doubt: G.O.A.L. - Get Out and Look!

by User Not Found | Sep 07, 2016

A costly and dangerous mistake that truckers sometimes make is backing up without first getting out and looking behind the vehicle. These are preventable backing accidents if the drivers takes a few minutes to review the situation. The best way to avoid accidents is to get out and survey the situation prior to beginning any backing maneuver.

There are really only two ways to avoid these backing accidents:

  1. Get out and look for yourself (best option)
  2. Have someone help you out (less reliable)

There are several types of backing that are required as part of your daily deliveries with some more dangerous than others. The CDL tests for each state test on various backing types including:

  1. Backing straight back
  2. Offset Backing
  3. Alley Dock Backing
  4. Parallel Parking Backing

You can review these backing techniques using YouTube videos.

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