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  • Short-Haul Interpretation

    by Super Admin | Mar 24, 2016
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued an interpretation, addressing the application of the mandatory break requirement when short-haul drivers exceed the short-haul distance or time limits. Section 395.1 Question 33 reads as follows: Question 33: If a driver using either short-haul exception in Section 395.1(e) finds it necessary to exceed the exception limitations for unforeseen reasons, is the driver in violation of the Section 395.3 rest break provision if more than 8 hours have passed without having taken the required rest break? Guidance. No. A driver using a Section 395.1(e) short-haul exception who finds it necessary to exceed the exception limitations for unforeseen reasons, is not in violation of the Section 395.3 rest-break requirements if 8 or more hours have passed at the time the driver becomes aware of the inability to use the short-haul exception. The driver should annotate the record-of-duty to indicate why the required rest break was not taken earlier, and should take the break at the earliest, safe opportunity.
  • Paper Medical Certificate Requirements

    by Super Admin | Mar 24, 2016
    The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) announced that it is extending by one year, until January 30, 2015, a requirement that interstate commercial driver's license (CDL) holders retain paper copies of their medical examiner's certificate and continue to make the document available for review upon request at the roadside by federal and state commercial motor vehicle inspectors. In December 2008, FMCSA issued a Final Rule modernizing, streamlining, and simplifying record keeping obligations for drives, carriers and state governments by requiring that a driver's medical certification record be merged with state-issued CDLs. States received support from FMCSA to implement the necessary IT system upgrades and merge the records into one, online database - the Commercial Driver's License Information System (CDLIS). FMCSA announced the one-year extension to protect commercial drivers from being cited for violations because some states are not yet in full compliance with the new system. For a copy of the Federal Register announcement, see:
  • CVSA Annual Roadcheck slated for early June 2015

    by Super Admin | Mar 24, 2016
    The 2015 edition of Roadcheck, a 72-hour inspection blitz sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is scheduled for early June. Each year, approximately 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, and provincial inspectors perform truck and bus inspections at 1,500 locations across North America. During Roadcheck 2014, approximately 17 trucks or buses were inspected every minute in the US, Canada and Mexico. 95.2% of drivers had no violations. 

    For more information on Roadcheck, visit the CVSA website:
  • Centerline Driver: Vilay Ling

    by Kelsey Stafford | Mar 03, 2016

    Centerline was proud to announce Vilay Ling as the Coastal Award winner of the 3rd Quarter in 2015. Vilay is a seasoned driver with an inspiring story. He and his wife both emigrated from Laos as youth and met in the US.

    Vilay was first introduced to driving one summer when the machine shop he worked at shut down for 2 weeks. Seeking to fill the void in work, Vilay accepted an invitation from his dad to ride with him on his haul to New York City. That was all it took for Vilay to realize his love of truck driving. So he quit his job and bought a brand new truck. He ran the continuous 48 states hauling mostly produce.

    He had been driving 3 – 3 ½ years before he met his wife. When they married, he gave up driving and went back to the machine shop. But, it was clear to his wife Vilay missed trucking, so she encouraged him to pursue his dream. This time, Vilay looked for a driving job that was close to home, leading him to Centerline. Centerline placed Vilay with Coastal, where he was hired as a permanent driver and has remained for 15 years.

    Vilay loves to drive for Coastal because of the stable work and fixed schedule. He is able to be home every night with his 17-year old daughter and 14-year old son. Vilay’s advice to new drivers is, “Take it one day at a time, finish the days job well, tomorrow will take care of itself."

  • Centerline Driver: Don DeRosia

    by Kelsey Stafford | Feb 08, 2016

    Don DeRosia is a man many wish they could call friend. His work ethic is impeccable and hard to overlook. Several accounts he has been assigned, notice immediately and, if possible, have hired him directly. His selflessness is manifested through his brave service to his country and his heart for those around him is shown through his mentorship to young veterans. It is easy to see why we valued his time with Centerline and wish to put the spotlight on him for others to see.

    Don started driving trucks in 1971 when he got home from serving our country in Vietnam. Along with his dad and brother, Don’s primary career was as a pipe fitter, but he loved the freedom trucking offered. As he put it, “windshield time is good time.” When behind the windshield, Don said he is able to clear his head and reset, and that’s one of the reasons he loved driving. He spent a lot of his career doing long hauls with occasional local jobs here and there.

    Don is describes as having a can-do attitude with wonderful demeanor and loyalty. He is a memorable Centerline employee, always up for a new adventure, lighthearted and an encouragement to others. Throughout his driving career he stayed in touch with Centerline. In the unpredictable world of trucking, Centerline was his constant. Whenever it was time for him to move onto another job he would go back to Centerline, looking for guidance. Don, his brother, and several of his friends all worked for Centerline on and off throughout their careers. Centerline’s Service Director, in particular, was a bright spot, and still is, for Don and other Centerline drivers. “The difference with Centerline, is the way they care about their drivers as family,” Don said, “not many companies have people who really care about the drivers. Centerline personnel would always stress the importance of safety meetings, and go to bat for us if we were being pressured to operate out of compliance.”

    Recently retired due to some health issues, he continues to act as a role model to young military members. He stresses respect as an essential characteristic, one which he lives out in his own life. When asked what advice he’d give to new drivers Don responded, “Listen to what they [Centerline] are trying to do for you, be open to opportunities.”

    Centerline is thrilled to be able to shine the spotlight on Don and are thankful to have been a part of his successful driving career. Our priority is to keep our drivers working and happy. We count it a win and celebrate when our drivers get hired on by the accounts we place them at. Don’s story is a testament to our goal to build relationships with our drivers. Stay in touch and if/when the time comes you are looking for more work, we will be there to help you find something new.

  • Centerline Driver: Marquis Turner

    by Kelsey Stafford | Dec 10, 2015

    Driver Spotlight: Marquis TurnerMarquis Turner has been driving trucks since 2006 and joined the Centerline team in June of 2013. His hard work and loyalty has caught the attention of all he works with. The Lawrenceville office has nothing but positive things to say about Marquis. “He has been such a pleasure to work with. Always does a great job for Centerline without issue, never complains and is always willing to work,” said a Service Center Specialist.

    Marquis is married with two children, a six year old son and one year old daughter. "I really enjoy the freedom my set schedule gives me. It allows me to spend quality time with my family and work on my hobbies, such as, working on my low rider and going to car shows," Marquis said. He is also a hard core Dallas Cowboys fan and often spends his Sundays watching football.

    Marquis has built a reputation of being reliable, trustworthy and hard working. His positive attitude and commitment is contagious. We are grateful for his dedication and feel he is a model driver that we are fortunate to have as a part of the Centerline team.

  • Centerline Driver: Richard Loher

    by Kelsey Stafford | Oct 13, 2015

    Centerline Driver
    Every quarter Coastal Pacific gives an award to a driver who is hard working and has shown outstanding performance. Centerline and Coastal throw a dinner for the award winner and their family to show their appreciation for all they do. This quarter the award goes to Richard Loher. Coastal would like to recognize him for his loyalty, dependability and trustworthiness over the several years he has driven for them.

    Richard Loher has been driving since 2004 and loves it. He enjoys getting away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life to get in some “me” time and trucking allows him to do that. He started working for Centerline in April of 2006 and was placed with Coastal, his second driving job, and has stayed there ever since. “It was and is a blessing to have one steady job with Coastal,” said Richard, “they treat you well and know who you are, you don’t get lost among the other drivers."

    Richard has two grandchildren who he is very close with. When he’s home from work he loves taking them out to eat and spending quality time together. He also could not say enough about his appreciation for the support from his wife. He is a very humble man that just wants to do a good job. Not worried about the little things, focused on health, family and safety. Richard wants us to know it’s about doing an honest day’s work for a company that cares about you, providing for your family and being there for them when they need you. Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to Get Out and Look. Here’s to Richard and at least another 10 years!

    Centerline is proud to have Richard representing us at Coastal, the award is well deserved! Congratulations.

  • Accelerate! Conference & Expo Winners

    by Kelsey Stafford | Sep 24, 2015

    Women in Trucking hosted an event this past week called Accelerate! Conference & Expo. The event was dynamic and empowering for the world of women truck drivers and Centerline was grateful to able to be a part of it. Pictured are two of the three Centerline raffle winners. Wendy (Left) and Laura (right) each won a velour slipper and robe gift set because they deserve to relax and pamper themselves for the hard work they do to move America. Thank you ladies for stopping by our booth and for the opportunity to show you our appreciation of what you do!

    Women in Trucking Raffle Winner Women in Trucking Raffle Winner
  • Driver Appreciation Dinner

    by Kelsey Stafford | Sep 02, 2015

    Centerline Driver AppreciationThis quarter’s recipient of the Coastal Award is Centerline driver, Victor Cortes. Victor has been a driver for Centerline since February of 2006 and has been driving trucks ever since he was able too. He started out working as a Lumper and once he turned 18 years old he wasted no time getting his license. It was his brother who inspired him to pursue trucking and taught him how to drive. Victor is being honored with the Coastal Award for his dedication to being a safe, professional and excellent driver in all areas of the job.

    Victor shared his gratitude for the wonderful staff at Coastal that he works with and said they are the best part about working there. A highlight of driving is being out on the open road, seeing unique and different places each and every day. He loves the adventure the job offers, while still having the ability to maintain a schedule that allows him to have weekends free and come home to his family each night. Family is very important to Victor, he, his wife and their two children share a love for cars and baseball. Victor and his son cheer on the Philly’s and his wife and daughter are Red Sox fans.

    When asked what advice he would give to new truck drivers, Victor expressed how important it is make safety the number one priority. “What it boils down to is safety. You have to watch your surroundings and practice defensive driving” he said. Victor explained how you cannot simply “jump into a big rig and drive away” you need to put in the time to be safe and truly know how to handle the vehicle, something that Victor has done a great job with. Centerline is very grateful to have a skilled, knowledgeable and safety conscious driver like Victor on the team. Congratulations on your award!

  • Meet Thomas Jimenez

    by Kelsey Stafford | Jul 20, 2015

    Centerline DriverThomas Jimenez started working for Centerline in September of 2010. He was a hardworking entrepreneur exploring his options during the economy downturn.

    "I started my own trucking company two years before I worked for Centerline. Business was great. When the recession hit, business fell 50-75%. I had to make my move. I learned from a relative about Centerline. First I had my doubts about working for a 'temp agency'. I did my research about Centerline and after gathering some information about what they do, I decided to give it a chance. It was a great decision."

    When Thomas started with Centerline, he worked any job we had available. He had a lot of experience with flatbed driving and was an extremely hard worker. He was starting to find a home with Centerline. "The work was nice and dispatchers where very easy to work with," Thomas told us.

    The Centerline team works hard to find the right fit for all our drivers. Regina Frank, a service manager at Centerline, continually kept her eye open for the perfect placement for Thomas and came across an opening with a Centerline customer.

    "One of our customers was a big steel company. I drove their trucks for a short time before they asked me to join their team. Not only was the work easy, but the staff are all nice to work for," Thomas said.

    Thomas impressed the company with his professionalism, experience, and hard work prompting them to extend the opportunity to work for them full-time. The company bought Thomas a new truck and he continues to excel as their number one driver! Congratulations Thomas, we are proud!

    "Centerline really worked for me great. Thank you Regina for a chance to show what I can do for your customers and for finding me a great job. This is a great fit!"

  • Driver Appreciation Dinner

    by Kelsey Stafford | Jun 09, 2015

    Every quarter Coastal Pacific honors a driver who goes above and beyond to make a difference. These recipients stand out among their peers for their outstanding character and commitment. This quarter’s recipient of the Coastal award is given to Ruben Vazquez. Ruben Vazquez
    Ruben Vazquez (center)

    Ruben comes from a long line of truck drivers. As he said, “truck driving is in my family.” His father’s career as a truck driver ultimately sparked his interest, as well as the interest of his brothers. Ruben, his two brothers and his nephew all found themselves led to Centerline.

    When Ruben started driving for Centerline he was already placed with Coastal Pacific. His joy and hard work made him quickly stand out among his peers. He is a valuable member of their driving team. Ruben expressed how much he enjoys his time with Centerline and is very grateful for the connection with Coastal Pacific.  He has been a loyal driver for Coastal since 2000 and loves it. “The management is great” Ruben said, as he expressed his appreciation for the evident interest and concern Coastal takes in their drivers’ safety. Ruben has always been an advocate when it comes to staying safe and is an example of what good driving looks like.

    Throughout his 35 years of experience, Ruben has brought purpose, kindness and dependability to each and every assignment. When he is not driving his family is priority.  When asked what he likes to do for fun, without hesitation, he answered, “Seeing my grandkids! I like to see my daughter and grandkids, take them to breakfast and church and just spend time with them.

    We are so proud of Ruben’s success and who he is as a person.  Congratulations on receiving this quarter’s Coastal award!  It is well deserved and we are happy to have you a part of the Centerline team!

  • Centerline Driver: Gerald Price

    by Kelsey Stafford | Jun 01, 2015

    Gerald PriceFor more than 25 years, we have been putting professional drivers to work in great jobs close to home. While many enjoy our simple, flexible temporary driving jobs, some are interested in finding more permanent work.

    This was the case for Gerald Price from our Great Bay Area branch. Gerald starting working for Centerline in 2005 for a local customer. His hard work and determination caught the eye of the customer who then hired him as a permanent employee and has worked there ever since. Gerald has excelled in the driving field and has become the customer’s lead driver, trainer and named Northern California’s Driver of the year.

    Congratulations Gerald! We are so proud of you!


  • Centerline Driver: Charlotte Janis

    by Kelsey Stafford | May 06, 2015

    Charlotte Janis loves the freedom she has as a Centerline truck driver. “I love the freedom to make a choice of who I want to work with, and how often.  Centerline doesn’t make me feel guilty for taking advantage of those options,” said Janis. 

    charlotte1 boysintruck 

    We talked with Charlotte about life as a female Centerline driver.

    What is a benefit of working for Centerline?

    “The flexibility Centerline offers. It allows me the time to spend with my family and not miss those special moments.”

    What advice would you give other females considering a career as a driver?

    “I would love to tell women how exciting and advantageous this career has been. You always get a pat on the back from the other truck drivers. Also how young this job makes me feel. You can be a beautiful, respectful lady and be a truck driver. It’s all how you carry yourself.”

    What are three things you’d recommend to a woman who wants to get into driving as a profession?

    Talk to another woman driver and the wife of a driver and hear their stories.

    Know what you are looking for; short haul, long haul, pay, etc. And, investigate the company before going to the driving school to know who they are.

    Talk with your family. Trucking jobs often keep you away from family. Determine the priorities of your family.

    The biggest reward? “To know I’m moving America, because America would stop without truck drivers.”

  • Centerline Driver: Gerardo Pineda

    by User Not Found | Mar 31, 2015
    The Centerline Redwood City branch would like to extend a huge thank you to Gerardo Pineda. Gerry was referred to work with Centerline by a former colleague and was promptly assigned to a steel flatbed delivery company in Santa Clara. He started there in July 2014 and was hired as a permanent driver in February 2015. Gerry brings extensive experience and a great attitude to work everyday. Keep up the great work Gerry and congrats!
  • Centerline Drivers: Kudos

    by User Not Found | Mar 16, 2015

    We are so lucky to have such wonderful drivers working for Centerline. The Redwood City branch would like to send "kudos" to two drivers in particular, Erik Pineda and Antonio Santana Miranda. 

    Erik Pineda was recently rehired back as a Centerline driver, and hit the ground running once assigned to a local tile delivery customer. The customer had nothing but praise for Erik: 

    "Erik has been a solid worker, always on time and not afraid to do what needs to be done. In addition, he's courteous and has great communication skills. We would recommend him for any future job as he will be a good asset to any company."

    Antonio Santana joined a nationwide wine distribution client in Northern California and has earned nothing but positive feedback from the customer: 

    "Thank you for having such a good person available for us. Not only is he a great driver, but a good young man. We feel totally comfortable with Antonio driving our equipment."

    Thank you Erik and Antonio for representing Centerline to the best of your ability! 

  • Centerline Driver: Suzanne Chacon

    by User Not Found | Mar 04, 2015
    Centerline would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Suzanne Chacon. Suzanne previously worked for an overnight mail freight delivery company until she joined Centerline in June 2014. She quickly became a great driver for one of our top customers, and in early 2015 she was on hired as a permanent driver for that customer. This is no easy delivery position but Suzanne stepped right in and did a wonderful job. Thanks for your continuous hard work Suzanne!
  • Driver Appreciation Dinner

    by User Not Found | Feb 25, 2015
    The Centerline Colton office recently held an appreciation dinner for Victor, a Centerline driver. He was honored with a Driver Appreciation Certificate by Peter H. Both Victor and Peter's spouses attended the event as well.

    Victor1    Victor2

    Victor has worked for Centerline for 15 years and has over 35 years of experience as a truck driver. After 3 months with Centerline, he became a dedicated driver for Coastal Pacific and has been busy ever since! Victor says he loves working for Centerline and has driven over 2 million miles during his lengthy career.

    Throughout the night, Victor shared some very touching stories of a "day in the life of a driver," which made everyone appreciate Centerline's drivers for all they do for the company. At times the evening was emotional, but in a good way! Victor is a wonderful gentleman who brings so much more than driving to the table. He is ethical, moral, driven, dependable, compassionate and does each job with a sense of purpose.

    Valuable words of wisdom he would pass along to new drivers out there include, "loving your job is very important - remember to focus and stay safe at all times. Think of this as your career and remember the families out there on the road are counting on you to be safe and legal at all times." Victor says he "loved the dinner. There was great company, great food, and it was very nice to be recognized." We are glad Victor is on the Centerline team!
  • Centerline Driver: Russel Santii

    by User Not Found | Dec 16, 2014

    Recently T. Spindler, of Reinhardt Foodservice, sent a message praising the work of Centerline Driver Russel Santii. The Transportation Supervisor Wrote:

    "This guy is great! He does anything we ask, with a smile and he is great behind the wheel! I watched him maneuver through a packed yard like a pro…I wish he was a delivery driver! He can think on his feet. Very DOT knowledgeable, knows how to get anywhere and can drive to boot! He had a trailer dolly crank break.  Instead of calling me and wondering what to do, he parked the truck in a safe place, came in and asked if I had a whether a long shank lock or a bolt that would fit the hole for the crank so he could finish doing his job and park where he was supposed to.  Gotta love that kind of attitude. Hands down, best temp we have had here in a very, very long time!"

    Russel exhibited many traits Centerline values in its drivers, and we are proud to have him on our team. Keep up the good work Russel!

  • Centerline Driver: Ewnet Mengestu

    by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2014

    Ewnet Mengestu started driving at Penske Starbucks this week. He has already been a huge help by referring drivers he has previously worked with. He knows that Starbucks can be a challenging assignment and is dedicated to helping us find more great drivers to complete the job. Candis has already interviewed two drivers Ewnet recommended, and is in the process of placing one. Thank you Ewnet for being a model employee, helping put people to work, and changing lives everyday. 

  • Centerline Drivers: Jeff Kay and Philip Forde

    by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2014
    Jeff Kay and Philip Forde were recognized at Boise Cascade Trucking for 5 years of Safe Driving. 

    Scott Floyd, Terminal Manager at BCT, presented each driver with a BCT Jacket. Scott said, “These drivers have demonstrated that being safe on the road is top priority to them. I would like to thank Jeff and Phillip for their commitment to safety”,

    Jeff and Philip have been at BCT since 2007. They joined Centerline in 2012 when BCT and Centerline began working together on driver needs throughout the country. Combined they have over 20 years of driving experience. When asked what led to their outstanding safety record they said, “Hard work and attention to detail”.

    Congratulations! You are an example for us all.