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  • Centerline Driver: David Hamann

    by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2014
    David Hamann went above and beyond in his assignment, less than an hour after he was hired there was an emergency need for a driver  David was willing to take this job on extremely short notice, plus drive a hour to pick up the truck. He did it all with no hesitation even though he would be gone till 9 or 10:00 at night after working his previous job all day.
  • Centerline Driver: Ted

    by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2014



    Ted took the time to send a message to Centerline, "Thanks to you and Centerline for being one of the solid, stable things in my life. Lord knows, I really need it. Call me a sentimental fool, is a blessing. Thanks." Thank you, Ted! We wouldn't be successful if it wasn't for our employees.

  • Centerline Driver: Barron L. Murray

    by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2014


    On October 2, 2014 there was a call to our office that a major pile up on I95N was avoided thanks to a driver and his actions. The caller went on to explain that Centerline driver Barron started to slow down his vehicle and slowly move over to the left lane, causing other vehicles to also decrease speed.  Barron had noticed an accident up ahead - and because he had time to react and slow down, this allowed the other cars to also slow down and ultimately helped to avoid a pile up. The caller stated he was very impressed with Barron’s actions and is thankful he was there and able to react the way he did.

    When Barron was asked by his supervisor Clarence Waters about the event, Barron simply stated, “Nothing special, just doing my job”

    Barron L. Murray, Sr. or “Iceman” as he is known by many of his fellow drivers for his cool, calm demeanor, hails from Ackerman, Miss. Married for twenty-five (25) years with five (5) children, Barron joined GAF in 2007. During his eight (8) year tenure, he has forged many relationships throughout the company. He always has an encouraging word to share with his colleagues. As a lead driver, Barron is a team player who enjoys the camaraderie of the Centerline driver family. He embraces the rigors of driving and welcomes day-to-day challenges. His driving experience includes companies such as Martin Brower, Dulles Transport and Sheehan Pipeline. Barron is an avid bowler, fisherman, sports bike enthusiast and appreciates quiet time with his family.
    In appreciation, Centerline will be sending Barron and his wife out to dinner to their favorite restaurant.


  • Centerline Driver: Steven Plummer

    by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2014

    As Steve was traveling westbound on HWY 20 in Michigan City, he observed a passenger vehicle rolling across the roadway. Once he pulled his truck to the side of the road, a witness advised him there were children in the vehicle that had rolled over. Without hesitation, Steve exited the truck to provide assistance. Upon arriving at the damaged vehicle, he could smell fuel leaking. He immediately returned to his truck, grabbed his binder bar, and returned. He used his bar to break out the window on the vehicle. He then assisted in getting everyone out of the vehicle safely before emergency personnel arrived to the scene. 

    Steve displayed heroic actions that day and went way above his scope of daily duties to help someone in need. 

    Steve started with Centerline in June 2011, and has been working in Michigan City ever since. As a Centerline employee,Steve has not had any recordable accidents or incidents. He is a team player and is always going above and beyond to help his teammates and fellow drivers on the road. He is a true professional and makes us proud every day he gets behind the wheel.
  • Dayton Lawson becomes driver trainer

    by User Not Found | Sep 30, 2014
    Back in May, Centerline national account customer Penske Novelis launched a temporary site in Warren, Mich. while preparing for their future site to go live October 1 in Woodhaven, Mich. These sites are well over 40 miles apart, making it difficult for most drivers to take the assignment.

    However, Dayton has been a team player with the Novelis team since Day One. He happily accepted the opportunity and has worked diligently with not only the distance, but their round-the-clock changing shift times. Dayton was also willing to upgrade his license so he would have the proper credentials required for Canadian runs. He has proven himself safe, as well as reliable, and is now assisting the Novelis Group with training as they bring on new drivers.

    Penske Account Manager, Danny Lada, has spoken highly of Dayton, and we would all like to say to Dayton: 
    "Well done, and thank you for being a welcome addition, to not only the Centerline Team, but to Penske Novelis as well!"

  • Marquez Alexander back to work

    by User Not Found | Sep 30, 2014
    Marquez first started working with a dedicated Centerline customer in 2011. However, when the company switched pay methods, Marquez left Centerline.

    Marquez reapplied with Centerline in January 2014 and immediately joined one of the busiest accounts in the Bay Area. He now works 40-50 hours a week on hourly pay with overtime rates.

    Keep up the great work, Marquez!

  • James Day goes the extra mile

    by User Not Found | Sep 30, 2014
    Huge thanks to James Day for all his hard work and dedication to not only Centerline but also to our customers. He always goes above and beyond. No matter what the need, he steps up to the challenge to help out and get the job done. It has been a pleasure to have him on the Centerline team because he is a real team player. James started an assignement with Exel in Olive Branch, Miss., in April and has been spoken highly of from the beginning. Nick at Exel stated that James went the extra mile dealing with a lift gate issue that led to a really tough day, but he got the job done and they compensated him with an extra $100 on his pay for the week for the great deed. Nick states James is doing a solid job and this is not the first time they have compensated him extra pay for going above and beyond. He is a hard worker and exemplifies an ideal employee.

    Thank you, James Day, for all you do. We are lucky to have you on our team.