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We employ drivers like you for flexible and long-term assignments that are right for you. We are passionate about matching you to Fortune 500 companies and are committed to helping your career.

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FMCSA Clarifies ELD Compliance Extensions

The FMCSA issued new guidance to clarify the use of older logging devices and non-compliant devices and the time frame for their use.

Trump Asks for Regulation Team in Federal Agencies

President Trump is continuing on his path of regulatory reform by issuing an executive order directing all federal agencies to develop a team to evaluate current regulations.

Safety and Compliance

As a professional driver, you must maintain certain compliance items. We're here to help!

Your safety behind the wheel is Centerline's top priority. We provide a clean, safe and healthy work environment for all our drivers.

Learn more about our safety and compliance and check out our driver safety tips.

Service Center

Centerline's Service Center is available to you 24/7. When you need to reach us regarding an assignment, we are here to help. Each Service Center team member will get to know you and the types of assignments you are looking for so we can make the best match for your skill set. 

Call our Service Center 24/7 at 888-213-7483.

Spotlight Stories

This quarter Coastal Pacific Food Distributors (CPFD) would like to announce and congratulate Lawrence Carey as the winner of the Coastal Award. Read Lawrence's story.

Mobile Driver Services

Are you a driver looking for travel and adventure? Explore new cities on your days off. Our Mobile Driver Service affords our licensed CDL drivers an opportunity to work for the top transportation companies in the US while seeing new geographies and having time and pay rate to enjoy the experience. Contact our Mobile Driver Services team for more information.

For each mobile assignment you accept you can expect the following:

  • Higher than normal pay rates (for example $21-23 per hour)
  • Guarantee of 8 hours per day/40 hours per week
  • Daily allowance each day on assignment
  • Baggage reimbursement (up to $60/each way)
  • Travel days will be paid at hourly rate
  • Nightly hotel accommodations and transportation provided

Dedicated Driver Services

Are you a driver looking for a full-time driving job with full benefits? Our Dedicated Driver division, may be the opportunity you are looking for.  Our dedicated drivers work for some of the largest transportation and logistics companies in North America. These jobs are stable and in high demand.

For each dedicated assignment you accept you can expect the following:

  • Above market pay rate
  • 40 hours work week, paid overtime
  • Paid time off (vacation/holiday)
  • Full medical benefits

Flexible Driver Services

Are you a driver looking for a safe, top-paying, flexible driving job close to home? Our flexible driving division may be the opportunity you are looking for. Our drivers work for some of the largest transportation and logistics companies in North America, delivering goods on local routes. With these jobs, you are able to find a job that fits your lifestyle, down to the shift and type of equipment you prefer to utilize. These jobs are stable and in high demand.

For each flexible assignment you accept you can expect the following:

  • Market pay rates
  • Flexible schedules to work into your lifestyle
  • Steady, reliable assignments
  • Safe, well-maintained vehicles for companies committed to your safety
  • Ability to try different accounts to find the best match for you

What drivers say about Centerline

"Centerline had confidence in me and gave me a chance", Thomas Dobbins recalled, "I had to prove myself, but with Centerline it's personal. They became like family. I couldn't believe how incredible my assignments have been! I can support my children and drive trucks, which is what I love to do!"

“Centerline’s Coastal Pacific Stockton to Utah run is a perfect fit for me," said Curtis Creekmore. "I love my job at Centerline and have been with the company for almost seven (7) years.”

Centerline’s Mobile Driver Services division allowed me to see Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City and the list goes on,” says Rogelio, a CDL driver for Centerline. "It’s great because food and housing is paid for so 100% of your salary goes home! I used my stipend for food and expenses to explore the area and enjoyed it a lot.”

Of his favorite assignments, Rogelio loves the extended stay rooms with stove/microwave/refrigerators so he can save money by stocking food and cooking at the hotel. This let him save some money and he’s even been able to fly his wife in for a visit on a weekend while on a longer assignment, which made him feel good so she can gain the experience of travel as well.

Rogelio has recommended this opportunity to several drivers and all have seemed very interested. He says he will keep doing these destination assignments!

“I really like this opportunity as my kids are grown and it gives me and my wife a chance to see the country,” said Aaron Morkert, a mobile driver for Centerline.

Aaron’s experience working in this new division has been a positive one. He enjoys seeing new areas and explores on his days office so it’s not all hard work. The daily stipend has been sufficient to cover his expenses and when he stays at an extended stay suites he saves more money because of the access to having a full kitchenette for meals. He has also shared the experience with his wife and both have adapted to a mobile lifestyle where he works on jobs that are two+ months long.

Aaron says, “I’d definitely suggest this opportunity to other drivers.”

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